Double ender dildo or double ended dildos

Double-ended dildos, double dildo or double-ender dildo, also known as dobule dong, it is a two in one dildo with two insertable ends for twice the pleasure. In simple this dildo has two molded heads at both ends for penetration. If you don't want to leave your girlfriend out of fun, this is the dildo you should look for. Because of double penetration at the same time, both can have fun..... There are various sizes of double dildos. Size is a definite fact to consider when you are selecting a double dong. At mysolotoys, you can find a variety of double dildos in different materials, textures, and colors too. If you are a solo player, a flexible double-ended dildo is easier to get to grips with. Find a carefully selected collection of double dildos at

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