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The Signing Ceremony of School-Enterprise Cooperation between our College and Powerland Technology Inc. was Grandly Held

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On the afternoon of August 26th, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of TYUT, the signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation between our college and Powerland Technology Inc. was held in the meeting room 223 of the Electrical Machine Hall in Yingxi Campus. Dr. Julu Sun, CTO of Powerland Technology Inc., Party and government leaders of the college and representatives of teachers and students attended. The ceremony was presided by Xin Xu, the secretary of the Party Committee of the college.

Prof. Xiaoqing Han reviewed the cooperation process between the College and Powerland Technology Inc.. She discussed and prospected the direction and content of future cooperation. She expressed that , the current development of energy Internet bussiness in China cannot be separated from the support of power electronics related technology. Powerland Technology Inc. has strong advancement in power electronics technology, and it is expected that a first-class laboratory with a high technical standards and excellent training environment will be created under the joint efforts.

Dr. Julu Sun pointed out in his speech that College of Electrical and Power Engineering has a good scientific research environment and talent condition. Meanwhile, Powerland Technology Inc. has a talent training mechanism and environment close to the world’s first-class level. He is very hopeful that the achievements of the cooperation between the two sides can reach the national first-class level and move towards the world-class level.

In the construction of "Advanced electric Power Conversion Laboratory", Powerland Technology Inc. donated 3 million yuan. Prof. Xiaoqing Han and Dr. Julu Sun presented the donation certificate and plates to each other, and jointly held the unveiling ceremony for the " Advanced electric Power Conversion Laboratory ". The laboratory will further improve the discipline construction ability and technical achievement transformation ability of power electronics and Power transmission major of Taiyuan University of Technology in the direction of high-frequency power electronics technology, and reserve innovative technologies and products for Powerland Technology Inc.

The signing ceremony ended successfully with warm applause. It is believed that under the positive and effective cooperation and communication between the two parties and the strong care and support of both leaders, this cooperation will open a new chapter in the construction of " Double First-Class" in our college.

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