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The 16th "Siemens Cup" China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge of the Ministry of Education, the First Western Division of the Competition Started in our College

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The Western Division 1 of the 16th "Siemens Cup" CIMC of the Ministry of Education was held on the first floor of the conference center of Yingxi Campus on September 2. Xiao Liantuan, the member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Taiyuan University of Technology, Zhao Guojun, minister of Student Office, Guo Fei, dean of the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Han Xiaoqing, the dean, Guo Chunyao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, and Xu Xinying, the deputy dean, as well as the representatives of participating teachers and students attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Xu Xin, the secretary of the Party Committee.

The opening ceremony was held with the majestic national anthem of the People's Republic of China.

Xiao Liantuan delivered an opening speech, extended a warm welcome to the teachers and students of the brother colleges and universities participating in this competition, and wish all the participating team can achieve excellent results. He spoke highly of the educational concept, competition mode and educational achievements of the "Siemens Cup" CIMC. He believes that the competition integrates the education goals of knowledge imparting, ability training, and value shaping, and effectively integrates the education ecology of courses, teacher and tutors, offline platforms, and online platforms, and plays an important role in cultivating innovative talents. He introduced the history and main achievements of Taiyuan University of Technology, especially the measures and achievements of the innovation and entrepreneurship education. He pointed out that the university attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship education, and strives to build a new talent training model based on morality and cultivating people and guided by innovation and entrepreneurship, and create an innovative and entrepreneurial talent training mechanism based on "integrated classroom", "navigation-based practice" and "driven platform", continues to increase efforts to reform education and teaching, management system, funding, policy support, base construction, teacher team construction, collaborative education, event hosting, etc., and builds a solid guarantee system for cultivating students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability. In recent years, the univeristy's academic competition rankings have consistently ranked in the forefront of domestic universities. Finally, this year marks the 120th anniversary of Taiyuan University of Technology. He hoped that the participating teachers and students could walk into Qingze Garden, walk on campus, understand the development process of Taiyuan University of Technology, and feel the original intention and mission of teachers and students at Taiyuan University of Technology to be realistic and innovative!

The chief referee of this competition, Xu Xinying, took the oath on behalf of all the referees. Zheng Haonan took the oath on behalf of all participating team members.

"Siemens Cup" CIMC is a competition project for college students jointly sponsored by China Simulation Society and Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. under the support and guidance of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Education, and it is the list competition of the national general colleges and universities subject competition. This year is the eighth time that our school has hosted the "Siemens Cup" CIMC Western Division 1. A total of 642 teachers and students from 179 teams from 26 colleges and universities in Shanxi, Shandong and Henan participated in four competitions including Informatization Networking, Process Industry Automation, Discrete Industry Automation and Free Exploration, and competed for the national finals admission qualifications. It is reported that due to the impact of the COVID-19, the preliminary round of this "Siemens Cup" CIMC will be held simultaneously at 179 competition points in 30 competition areas across the country on September 3 in the form of divisions + competition points, online and offline.

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