Suction Cup Dildos for a Hands-Free  Ride

Stick it somewhere, your hands are free, enjoy your ride with suction cup dildos. This type of dildos feature bases that will firmly stick with flat, smooth surfaces and permit you to experience a hands-free pleasure. Versatile and fun, these dongs are often utilized in the shower, within the kitchen, on walls, and even on windows. Most of those joysticks are realistically designed to offer you a more personal experience.  You will get extra naughty delights when the dildo is vibrating as well. Varying in sizes, colors and, shapes, these sensational dongs are great for pleasure seekers of all experience levels. One of the best things in this type of dildos is that you can use them to test out a variety of positions and see which angles stroke your sweet spots the best. You can also use these toys as a rehearsal toy for the real deal. Not only as a solo, but you can also try out these with your partner as well.

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